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Located at Auburn they have built one of the largest commercial kitchen equipment Sydney showrooms in Western Sydney. Atlantic Equipment Company has built a strong reputation across Sydney and a top premier shop fitting supplier. They have provided and fulfilled equipment to many leading restaurants, cafes, clubs, schools, hotels, bakeries, and others in Australia. Due to gratification with their company, people have earned respect and became regular customers.

With skilled and approachable staffs, they provide technical assistance and professional advice to all our customers. AE have partnered with top manufacturers to provide you the best and high-quality products which ensure to offer you great deals and prices to deliver right on time. This company is so high-spirited and confident about products and services that it can exceed customers’ expectations. Here are some of their well-produced products for you:

  • Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Benches / Benchtops

A good benchtop is supreme; not only it needs to be practical, yet also needs to be a good-looking one because it affects the ambiance of your kitchen. Benchtops and commercial fridges Sydney are the center of your working area; this is where you’re going to work with your creations. The stainless steel kitchen benches/benchtops provides you a maximum utility and a budget-friendly product for everyone.

  • Furniture

They provide the most comfortable and perfect sitting and dining furniture fit for our customers’ needs. Well-designed furniture to make your business look classy and high-stylish. Whether you are a restaurant owner, café or bakery owner, they totally understand what your business needs. Choose and buy their furniture such as bar stools, arm chairs, coffee tables, tabletops and more.

  • Commercial Shelving

A messy food preparation turns out to a disorganized productivity and sometimes causes accidents. Luckily, the Atlantic Equipment Company has commercial food shelving right for your kitchen’s necessity and for you to consider buying one. This helps you work systematically around your kitchen and makes it look tidy. Also, they have best prices available for your next orders.

  • Commercial Washing Equipment

Humans as we are, washing dishes became our everyday chores at home, but when you’re working at a very busy establishment then it becomes a heavy workload and needs fast approach. For your business, you need something to have an easy job, you’re lucky enough to find commercial dishwashers inside their large inventory. AE provide the best deal washing equipment that will help you clean more dishes in less time.

  • Bar Supplies Equipment

The commercial bar equipment will look classy on your business. This equipment is also a user-friendly and convenient product to work with. Their manufacturers made sure that this will also be the ideal equipment used for catering services or your restaurants! AE is a company that provides premium bar equipment to their customers all around Australia. Although they sell these at a very reasonable price, they ensure that their customers work at top quality equipment.

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